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From the Adjunct to the Moderator of the Curia for Technology, February 10, 2016

We have heard and understood the frustration that existed in the initial roll-out of ParishSOFT Remote Solutions. As a result, you have a new technology team in Central Services dedicated toward partnering with you and with ParishSOFT to improve the experience, provide updated training, and more responsive support.

Last fall we visited several locations around the archdiocese to provide information on this migration.  You can watch one of the recorded sessions here (note: it is 2 hours long). To date, we have successfully migrated 33 parishes to the new web-based ParishSOFT ConnectNow platform.  The latest release in January provided a big improvement in managing and updating sacramental records of parishioners, as well as a number of performance improvements.  We are cautiously moving forward but gaining additional traction and support on the new platform.

Given there are still some improvement opportunities when performing bulk operations, we remain focused on parishes with less than 2500 registered families and those using the religious ed program with less than 500 students.  We will consider exceptions for parishes with a strong partnership and willingness to work with ParishSOFT and AOD Central Services toward continuous improvement.

ConnectNow Migration Process

For parishes currently using a ParishSOFT product the transition to ConnectNow is relatively easy. We hold an online meeting to review some basic preparation tasks 1-2 weeks before your scheduled migration. Three to four business days prior to the training we will begin the migration process of your data. At that point, you can still view your data in Remote Solutions, but no changes should be applied. You will receive notification when your migration is complete, and you will have access to your actual data in ConnectNow on the second day of training.

A two day in-depth, hands-on training class will be held for parish staff. In the training we will cover: Family Directory, Offering and Pledges, and Religious Education

ConnectNow Conversion Process

Parishes not yet on a ParishSOFT product will need to go through the conversion process as outlined below:

  1. The parish will provide a copy of their data to the ParishSOFT Conversion Team when contacted.  If you do not currently have existing software to convert from, check with your envelope company provider to see if you can obtain a file containing your family name and address information to be converted. If you do not have any data to convert, your CSA list will be used as the source for your database.
  2. ParishSOFT will convert your data using the information you provide on the conversion checklist for what data elements you are tracking in your current system and provide you with any exception reports generated during the conversion process. A Quality Control process will be used to convert your data which includes verifying your address information meets the postal standards.
  3. You will receive notification when your migration is complete, and you will have access to your actual data in ConnectNow on the second day of training.
  4. Parish sign-off is required verifying the accuracy of the converted data before it is “live”.

It is important that you indicate all data elements you are tracking in your current system on the conversion checklist so that the conversion team can best serve you during this process.  If you have any questions about your conversion you can contact the ParishSOFT Conversion Team at

After you have submitted your data to ParishSOFT please avoid changing data in your old system.  Any updates after submitting your data to ParishSOft will need to be re-entered once your data is converted. The ParishSOFT team will strive to keep your downtime to a minimum.  Thoroughly completing your conversion checklist can greatly assist in this effort.

About Data & Data Storage

ParishSOFT hosts your data in a state-of-the-art data center where you’ll always have access to the latest features and enhancements. This removes the need to update the ParishSOFT software on your office computers. Leveraging the ConnectNow  platform eliminates the risks associated with data synchronization.  Parish data is automatically backed safely and securely nightly, removing any threat of lost data.