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I do find working with ConnectNow so much easier than ParishSoft.  Being internet based the program is faster, very seldom “locks-up” and has many ease of operation pieces.  I like the feature available when looking up parishioner giving records, as the program allows you to stay in the giving records and move from parishioner to parishioner without having to return to the Family Search field.  The Quick Post option is fantastic – make posting envelopes a breeze!  Overall, the program, although still not perfect, is steps above what we were using and the fact that the company is listening and making changes is very promising! 
Lois SokolowsiSt. Thomas More, Troy

 ConnectNow has been going pretty good for me.  I was quite overwhelmed at first but as I started working with it, things started clicking.  I find the help feature on each page is very helpful and watching the videos on the website very informative. 
Diane CiesiolkaSt. Thecla, Clinton Township

ConnectNow is working well at Guardian Angels. Many seem to like the user-friendly ease of the program. Although, we still have some staff that needs training. The training was very well done but a lot of information provided at one time. I like that they provide the training videos for those who may use only one aspect of Connect Now. 
Cheryl KondratGuardian Angels, Clawson 

I have been doing the posting for our Parish and have found the ConnectNow program easy to work with. The few issues I had were resolved with a phone call to Parish Soft.
MarilynSt. Alphonsus-St Clement, Dearborn 

ParishSoft continues to make improvements (to ConnectNow) and in doing so have proven that they are listening to us. 
Cheryl – St. Constance,Taylor

The move to ConnectNow from Remote Solutions was a wise decision.  For me the system moves a lot quicker.  It’s easier to input and find the information you’re looking for and much simpler to correct an error you have made.  The only drawback that I’ve found is the inability to put envelope numbers on mailing labels like you could in Remote Solutions.  Although that is a biggie for me and some others considering the pros and cons I’m glad we made the change and would not go back to Remote Solutions. 
Thomas Rys – St. Francis D’Assisi – St. Hedwig Parish, Detroit

ConnectNow has been an improvement over Remote Solutions because it is web-based, I can access it anywhere. It also does not seem to get ‘bogged down’ as often. When there is a problem, it seems to be resolved quickly. 
Sara HunterSt. Edward on the Lake, Lakeport

ConnectNow has been an improvement over the desktop especially in terms of speed and continuity. We used to be “bumped” out of the program if you stopped working to answer a phone, questions from parishioners, etc. That has been a major improvement. We’ve had a few “glitches” along the way, but nothing major….” 
MaryAnn FarrellChrist Our Light, Troy

Overall it is an improvement.  The internet access allows more flexibility for staff, the system operates faster and more consistently than previously. 
Beth HerzogSt. Mary, Rockwood 

There are still some issues with Connect Now but it is better than (ParishSOFT) Remote Solutions.  I am more optimistic about it being improved.  
Janet BakerOur Lady of Victory, Northville

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